Car Rental Franchise

An exciting car rental franchise opportunity

Almost every day a new car rental brand is introduced to the car rental industry, as a small family run operation, as an affiliate or as a franchised brand, and in most cases these new brands are focusing on high volumes at low costs, with little or no attention to customer service. In most cases high volume low costs car rental operators cannot make a profit unless the use high pressured sales tactics on customers to upsell additional products, mainly additional insurance, or charge ridiculous amounts for small damages to vehicles. This only results in a high number of dissatisfied customers who are only too quick to post negative comments on many of the available online social media and review websites, and these companies do not realise that this only forces them to reduce their car rental rates by up to 80%, so as to attract future customers. In worse case scenarios, travel partners refuse to work with them, which has been seen in recent news items.

At Zezgo Rent A Car we offer a unique car rental franchise business opportunity where the philosophy, methodology, and culture of the company is to focus on customer service and delivering a high-quality car rental service at realistic prices.

Zezgo rent a car are looking for ambitious and entrepreneurial professionals who want to build and develop a highly profitable car rental business, to stand proud in the knowledge that their businesses reputation is unbeatable and that their business attracts returning leisure and business customers.

Business Planning & Finance

The first step in establishing a franchise location is to develop a solid business plan to look at all the car rental franchise costs to ensure your Car Rental Franchises Profitable . The team at Zezgo Rent A Car will work with all new car rental franchisees to produce a solid business plan and a complete project plan to get your new business operational.

Should assistance be required, the Zezgo team will assist with introductions to banks, leasing companies, car dealers, insurance companies and local employment agencies.

IT Systems

Zezgo operates its own in-house IT department, which is staffed by IT professionals with over 60 years of experience in the IT industry. Not only do the IT department provide help and assistance to the franchise operators, the IT department ensures that the IT infrastructure is monitored 24 Hrs a day 7 days a week and able to react to any issues quickly and efficiently.

Rental Management Software

Zezgo have developed its own reservation and fleet management software, and continues to invest in its development, as new technologies arrive. The software is 100% web based and can be managed from any web enabled device, from your mobile phone to the computers on your desk. Some of the features include

  • Reservation Management
  • Rates Management
  • Printable and electronic Rental Agreement production
  • Fleet Management and Availability Management
  • Financial Data Exports
  • Direct high-Speed Car Rental XML services to the travel Industry

All aspects of the reservation & fleet management software is developed and managed in house, we do not use third party providers, we do not charge for the software. We believe that having our own development team, increases security of your data and allows us to adapt quickly to ever changing car rental market place

Training & Development

Zezgo are committed to ensuring that all staff receive the best level of training especially in the area of customer service. Prior to opening, a member of the Zezgo team will attend the new location and spend four days training the staff in six key operational areas.
  • Customer Service
  • Reservation Management Software
  • Pricing
  • Fleet Management
  • Security
  • Branch Marketing

For the first week of opening, an experienced Zezgo team member will be at your location to work with your staff to ensure a smooth transition in putting their training in to practice. All attending staff who compete the training to a satisfactory level will receive a certificate of training attendance award. Ongoing training and support is never more than a phone call away via video conferencing to a experienced Zezgo team member.

Branch Designs

Once you have agreed, with the Zezgo management team, a property where you will operate your car rental franchise from, our design team will commence work. Our in-house design team, based on your measurements and photos of the property, will create a branch design, both inside and out, tailored to the property and location you have selected, ensuring the deign meets the strict criteria of the Zezgo brand.

Staff Unifoms

Presentation of our staff is a key factor in the Zezgo brand, as first impressions as lasting. It is important that all staff members always present themselves in the correct manner and Zezgo commissioned a uniform design which focuses on appearance, flexibility and durability. The uniform provides standardization of the appearance of staff worldwide and includes but not limited to
  • Shirts
  • Neck Ties
  • Trousers and Skirts
  • Jackets
  • Shoes


The Zezgo marketing team will commence work immediately by planning your initial opening. Your initial opening will be attended by one of the Zezgo upper management and invitations will be sent to all Zezgo travel partners, local corporates, local travel agents, event organisers and hotels.
The marketing team will continue to market in your local area the services which you offer as well as working with online media to focus attention to the amazing service you offer as a new Zezgo rent a car business.
Your new car rental franchise business will also be included in the global advertising campaigns run by the Zezgo marketing team. Every new branch opening is treated as a flagship location .

Customer Support

Zezgo operate a global customer care team, to ensure all customers receive the highest level of customer care and allow franchise owners to concentrate on the day to day operation of the branch. The customer care team operate 24/7, interacting with customers to facilitate a speedy and efficient response to any issues or questions that may occur pre, during and post rental.

Have you got what it takes to run a profitable Car Rental Business which has and unbeatable reputation?

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