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An exciting car hirefranchise opportunity

The Best Car Rental Franchise Opportunity

Zezgo Rent A Car are a UK registered company focused on delivering the ultimate car rental experience to customers worldwide by producing one of the finest car rental business opportunities to attract like-minded business professionals who want to collaborate on an amazing, high-quality car rental service. Whilst in all industries, the importance of customer service seems to have been over taken by the importance to be the cheapest, no other industry seems to have been affected as much as the car rental industry. No matter what car rental brand you search for on the internet you will find negative reviews, car rental companies being taken to court and customer issuing warning messages to potential rents to be careful when choosing the rental company to use. The business model at Zezgo is very simple and can be explained in just five words, "The Ultimate in Customer Care" We are looking for business professionals who have a desire to build a profitable car rental franchise based on the slogan "The ultimate in Customer Care" as this is what customer want and deserve.

Have you Got What It Takes To Operate A Car Rental Franchise

We are looking for individuals wanting to start up in the car hire industry who have the same desire to create "The Ultimate in Customer Care" and who can run a business like a military operation to ensure very aspect of the operation is pure perfection. You, and members of your company, should be hands-on customer facing team players, ready to adhere to the scrutiny of our high expectations, by paying attention to detail in every aspect of the business, and believing that nothing less than pure perfection is acceptable. You should have a basic understanding of Computers and possess numeracy and literacy skills and have held a full, clean driving licence, held for at least one year. If you have these requirements, then a Zezgo Car Rental Franchise/Licence could be for you.

Are Car Rental Franchises Profitable?

Many car rental franchises that are offered for sale as based around being very competitive on price, the cheapest, making it very difficult to make a business profitable, without have staff that are excellent in upselling, but even so this does lead to a high level of complaints form customers. Operating a car rental franchise like the Zezgo Car rental Franchise where you are being paid a reasonable price for your vehicles, because you are not competing on price but competing on customer service provides an easier path to profitability, with very few complaints form customers. Here at Zezgo we firmly believe, and have already seen that excellent customer service, satisfied customers produce profitability. "Customer service is nothing less than the foundation on which today's most prolific businesses will be realized".

Car rental franchise costs

The costs of a ten-year Zezgo car rental franchise depends on the location you wish to operate from, towns and major cities cost less than airport locations and capital cities. The car rental franchise costs will also vary depending on how many vehicles in your fleet you start with. Zezgo advises all potential franchise owners that excluding cost of fleet vehicles, initial property lease a budget of £30,000 for towns and cities and a budget of £50,000 for airports a capital cities is a reasonable working estimation.

A Zezgo Car Rental Franchise What It Gives You

The Car Rental Franchise / Licence with Zezgo will provide you with, first and foremost, the brand name of Zezgo under which to work, with all the positivity that brings. In addition, you will be provided with extensive training in all aspects of the car hire industry. Also, a solid operational foundation of Zezgo, its policies and long term business strategy. You will also get access to the advanced IT systems used by Zezgo, dealing with the dynamic receipt of reservations from entities within the leisure, business and corporate market place. Measuring availability and pricing through advanced fleet management functionality and finally producing customer rental agreements. Amongst its other functions is a comprehensive reporting facility of fleet utilization and profitability, allowing you to be in complete control of your business. Our IT system will ensure that your pricing structure is adjusted continually in line with market trends in order to maximize your revenue and profitability. A full colour, comprehensive training manual covering all of these things will give you information at hand once you are back in your office, but help is only a phone call away. So, if you are interested in joining us and want to learn more about our car rental franchise and need more information please contact us directly.

Do you have the drive? Do you have the desire?, Do you have what it takes to deliver the ultimate in customer care?
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